The 7 Best Kitchen Hand Gloves In Bangladesh (2023)

Not using a hand glove can be dangerous for you, especially when using powerful cleaning supplies.

Last year, I was about to lose a part of my finger while using a slicer. But thanks to God that didn’t happen. I just cut my finger.

If you want to protect your hand from any kind of harm, chemicals, bacteria, allergy, and so on, you should use hand gloves which are specially made for household work like cleaning, cutting, washing, and cooking activities.

Here I’ll be sharing a list of the best kitchen hand gloves which will help you to choose your desired one.

1. Half Hand Kitchen Gloves One Pair (Blue)

This glove is heat resistant, waterproof, and 100% safe for dishwashing. It’s approved by FDA and made with food-safe silicone.

It’s very flexible to use and carry. And it has a beautiful color with an elegant appearance.

It can also be used for cooking, baking, and BBQ.

Price: 59 TK

2. Dish Washing Gloves (Red)

It is specially made for dishwashing. It is a velvet material that keeps your hands warm in winter.

It has good quality with a waterproof cloth. So it is a smart choice for your daily activities.

Price: 179 TK

3. Micro-Fiver Dust Cleaning Glove (Red)

We can use it in the kitchen and other places also like car cleaning, bike cleaning, etc. It removes all dust in the home and other places also. It is very smooth and easily washable.

It is a red color-free size cleaning glove. Its main material is Microfiber.

Price: 275 TK

4. Oven Gloves White and Red

As the name suggests, it’s the gloves that are usually worn in the kitchen to protect the wearer’s hand from hot things like ovens, stoves, cookware, etc.

It has a non-slip silicone grip. Oven gloves should only be used when dry and only for short periods of time. The gloves should not come into contact with heating elements, gas flames or similar sources of high temperature.

Price: 75 Tk

5. Rubber Cleaning Gloves (Right Hand)

It is a unique and high-quality glove. The left-hand one is a regular glove, the right-hand one is a sponge attached to each finger.

These gloves are made of rubber for long-lasting usage. It protects your hand from allergies, bacteria, germs, and so on.

Price:  275 TK

6. Cleaning Hand Gloves

These are multi-color hand gloves that are used for cleaning inside and outside the home.

You can use it for cleaning furniture like a showcase, tv, table, oven, etc. You can also use it for cleaning your car and bike.

Price- 199 TK

7. Household Gloves Multicolor

These are multi-color household gloves that are perfect for personal protection. These are non-allergenic and non-irritating.

You can use it while doing household work like cleaning, washing, removing dust from the house, etc.

Price- 189 TK


This set of gloves is amazing. We can say that they are soft, smooth, and comfortable to use. These gloves are easy to wear and it does not damage anything while used. We should wash or clean them after use to maintain their long-term existence.

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